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Many people are experiencing burn-out, a sense of isolation, and loss of meaning in their work and lives. Now more than ever, there is a critical need for deeper connections with themselves, friends, and loved ones in this time of extreme change. To address this growing need, I have developed a new life coaching program, an innovative system for those who want to transform their lives.

Self-discovery is more than just a passing buzzword. Self-discovery is a process we all must go through to find our purpose, become better leaders, and stay connected with what’s most important in our lives.

The Oxford Dictionary defines self-discovery as: “The process of acquiring insight into one’s own character.” The more you know about yourself, the more choices you can make that are aligned with who you are and what you want—and the happier you’ll be.

Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” because, when taking a step back to learn more about yourself, you learn about your strengths and weaknesses. You also learn how to help others do the same, empowering them to be stronger, healthier, and more connected with themselves.

Dan Haygeman

Dan Haygeman. MA

Geoffrey I’d like to take a moment to thank you for facilitating my retreat, the experience has had a huge and growing impact upon my life. You took personal risks to confront a strategy I had been using for twenty years, (to give the appearance of forward movement without commitment). The process you facilitate is an excellent one. The way you facilitate is magical.

Feedback: Powerful Information

We receive feedback from the world directly in the form of results, good and bad and then indirectly by the quality of our relationships. We can only do our best based on what we know, the feedback you receive will increase your learning about yourself. It is often hard to get perspective when one is in the middle of a situation. The coach has a clearer view of the game than the players do. As your coach, I will help you evaluate your skill level and keep you on track with what is important to you. You will see yourself clearly, as your peers do. You will improve your performance. You will see what is going on around you. You will improve your confidence and sense of control

It is about creating the life you truly want

You are my focus. The client and coach strive to design a working relationship: trusting, challenging, and supportive. The client uses the coach as a resource and acts weekly to create the life they want. The coach expects a lot of the client, but never puts the result ahead of the relationship. A coach develops a client’s personal foundation so their natural gifts and talents can emerge. A coach helps the client to be happy in the present, rather than just planning. A coach uses advanced tools to promote this growth, but the client does the work. It is about being in the process…

Amy Moen

Amy Moen. CSMP – Principal HOK

“Geoffrey is a Sherpa — he provides a process and structure for a journey of self-discovery. His passion for helping others is palpable, inspirational and energizing. Geoffrey’s quiet presence, calm strength and deep wisdom provide a safe backdrop to explore grow and lead.

Is My Coaching For You?

My coaching is designed to help you create the life you want; I will listen, inspire, challenge, and acknowledge you. I will initiate conversations, share ideas, make requests, help clarify your thinking and support your decisions. I do not have the answers, you do. Together we will help you discover them for yourself. My coaching is structured and practical. It’s designed to help you create powerful and permanent change that’s effective and sustainable. It works because it enables you make clear decisions and take confident action that’s aligned with your personality type, your strengths, your values, your purpose and passion, Geoffrey.

*Coaching fee $350 per session a minimum of three sessions per month.

Self-awareness, humility, and empathy are in short supply these days, and that is truly tragic. Mindfulness is not something that is projected outward. Rather, it starts internally and draws people close.

Quieten your mind and your soul will speak, Geo

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