Professional Coaching

$350.00 / week

Professional Coaching Fee

I look forward to coaching you to accomplish exactly what you really want.  On a business note, I want you to be familiar with the following policies and procedures.  For our coaching, our agreement includes three sessions per month for the first 3 weeks of the month for 60 minutes, we will go slightly longer if we feel it’s appropriate.  I take the fourth week off to strengthen myself personally, my coaching skills, and my practice.  If you go on vacation, we spend more time before you leave or after you return.

The Fee: $350 per session – a minimum of three sessions per month.

“I had the privilege of having Geoffrey as my leadership coach.  I believe that his advice helped me improve my leadership by discovering new management skills. I encourage anyone wanting to improve their leadership and management skills to seek out his coaching.”

Patrick Courval. Portfolio Manager – Asia/Pacific Equities – CN Investment Division

Note; you can request a long term coaching contract 3 months or more and receive special pricing.



Professional Coaching

You and I to build and design a working relationship: trusting, challenging, and supportive. You as the client use me ‘the coach’ as a resource and take action weekly to create the life you want. As your coach I expect a lot of you the client, but I never put the result ahead of the relationship.

It is about creating the life you truly want.

My coaching is structured and practical and it works. It’s designed to help you create powerful and permanent change that’s effective and sustainable. It works because it enables you make clear decisions and take confident action that’s aligned with your personality type, your strengths, your values, your purpose and passion, Geoffrey.


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