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Some of you have asked questions concerning the upcoming ‘ZEN Way’ program and so I have tried to answer your questions within this email. I have used a question form to answer them with a fictitious Socrates as the interviewer.

Interviewer Socrates: Why ‘ZEN Way ‘now?

Geoffrey: We are living in a fascinating age where individuals have access to material goods in shapes and forms that eclipse anything that was available at any other time in history.

Even during this pandemic Science and Technology have provided us with a solution, and our comforts have been provided for using our modern systems of distribution and electronic gadgetry that offers us an endless variety of products and stimulation.

In our western world we have evolved into a culture that respects the rights of all human beings, equality for men and women, regulated work hours, minimum wage, all the pieces are seemingly in place.

Even during this pandemic, one would expect that individuals in living in our world would be experiencing a sense of ease, satisfaction, and self-worth. What I observe however, is fear, loathing and self-criticism at the highest levels. Happiness and joy are available to anyone that wishes to experience it and I want to pass this gift along.

Socrates: So why do you believe we are not happy?

Geoffrey: With so much abundance in our western world one would expect that we would experience happiness, however the opposite is true! Despite our rapid response to a pandemic, our technological growth and material wealth we as a culture have higher and higher rates of suicide. We have become dependent on painkillers and antidepressants. More and more psychologists are needed to counsel individuals who are becoming disheartened in their efforts to find meaning, worth and happiness.

Socrates: How is this possible?

Geoffrey: All the pieces are present to experience our own ‘ZEN Way’ however many people have set aside or even lost the rules to the game of life. In humanity’s efforts to create comfort we have created a culture that values quick fixes.

The resulting experience for many is clear; individuals feel empty because the investment on the superficial has sacrificed depth, richness, and soul, that adds meaning and worth to an individual’s life.

Socrates: what is ZEN WAY?

First let me introduce you to a fuller concept of self-discovery, learning and personal awareness – ZEN Way – heart and spirit and mind and soul.

“For example if I say, ‘She has a good ZEN Way,’ I mean heart and spirit and mind and soul all together.”

Explaining “ZEN Way” is difficult in the science-based English language, because that by linking words—heart and spirit and mind and soul – with “and,” in between we imply divisions that simply don’t exist in Japanese or in the Eastern culture, the four are intrinsically linked as one: They are as one.

 Socrates: What are you hoping to change?

Geoffrey: Nothing and everything, I believe everyone has the capacity and power to change their experience of the world and the world. By using ‘ZEN’ principles and meditation you will learn how it is manifested externally through the creation of their life, and how their thoughts, feelings, actions, and results are breathtakingly beautiful.

ZEN Way can stimulate an even deeper passion that brings forth even more bountiful works of life and love. It is all connected; thought, feeling, action, and examination can release the inner alchemist to create beauty, appreciate nature, deepen soul, and spirit that is locked and open the wellspring of ‘ZEN Way’ to flow freely.

Socrates: What is different today?

 Geoffrey: More individuals are waking up. Many have forgotten so much as they move forward in the creation of their own life, their own humanity, soul, spirit, authenticity, and beauty all become dwarfed by “judgment”. The determined effort of the human mind to pull life apart without the balancing effects of heart, soul, and love results in great achievements but a fragmented human soul and experience.

Socrates: What makes this (ZEN Way) different?

Geoffrey: I have learned and experienced the key activating principles that can awaken the inherent wellspring of human potential, creativity, and abundant love to flow freely back into one’s life. What I have found through this work is that instead of focusing on the current ‘workshop’ trend where clients are seen as victims of some form of dysfunction, I have discovered that by helping others explore the activating principles of ‘ZEN Way’ a whole new phenomenon unfolds.  As people discover new resources within themselves, they are then able to unleash them, a new level of self-awareness and fulfillment unfolds, their life is then opened and available.

Socrates: Why now?

Geoffrey: By recognizing that the powerful forces of creativity, abundance and love are inherent in all individuals I have initiated the ‘ZEN Way’ movement, for the most selfish and selfless reasons.  I want to experience a different life, full of passion, energy and love I want to share, co-create this with like-minded others. Transformation: one change at a time ZEN Way

Socrates: When and how?

Geoffrey: By offering the ‘ZEN Way’ program sessions, online activating group alchemy. I look forward to your exploration of these ideas in your life and your participation in the ‘ZEN Way’ program.

In gratitude Geoffrey

Life changing training programs and live experiences from The ZEN Way.

Quiet your mind and your soul will speak, Geo.

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