What is “ZEN Way”, you may ask?

ZEN Way is the powerful fusion of practical self-development programs based upon Cognitive Psychology, Coaching, Counselling, Anthropology, and ZEN philosophy. In addition we draw on collaborators from others who are active in Human Potential movement and Cognitive Psychology interdisciplinary research. We actively involve members from all levels of Professional Coaching.

The practice of Zen mindfulness and meditation can improve physical and mental health by bringing about feelings of happiness and well-being. It has no negative side effects and can teach you to concentrate and to control and calm your mind. The ZEN Way program offers people the tools, knowledge, support and power to change their life.

When we are in the process of ‘creating our life’ we are engaged with ‘life’ in a different manner, this engagement releases abundant ‘energy’. The one you dreamed about, longed for, wish for, where you can live in the ‘joy’ of creating your life. For some it is also about rediscovering that long ago forgotten ‘joy’ of life when all things seemed possible. The purpose of ZEN Way is to help unlock, release, and tap into this joyful state of energy while creating the life you want.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu

How does ‘The Zen Way’ membership work? Your membership is $17 per month, and you can cancel anytime from your Account page. Renews automatically. It includes full access to the video library. You can get an annual membership at any time.

Twice a month, Geoffrey will lead webinars with a Q/A session. We offer you help focus on YOU – transformation one step at a time. You will receive content every week related to the same topic. You then can attend live video Webinars & Q&As with Geoffrey, and don’t worry if you miss it – we will save it in the ZEN Way page.

Self-awareness, humility, and empathy are in short supply these days, and that is truly tragic. Mindfulness is not something that is projected outward. Rather, it starts internally and draws people close.

Quieten your mind and your soul will speak, Geo

The ZEN Way is the first step toward a more effective satisfying life.

Learn practical techniques and tools to use immediately and shift your context in ways that last a lifetime.